Saturday, February 14, 2015

Carnival in Rethymnon

Carnival in RethymnonThe Carnival in Rethymnon has a history of almost one century. The first elements of humorous performances date back to 1915. During this epoch Carnival in Rethymnon was celebrated with romantic dances, and "His Majesty King Carnival" was welcomed with the necessary respect "in an atmosphere of escapades and unrestrained laughter!…"
The custom of hunting the hidden treasure in the beginning of the 90s gave rise to the creation of the "groups", which in 1993 were asked by the Mayor, Mr. Dimitris Archontakis, to take on the organization of the Carnival. Thus the Rethymnian Carnival became the Cretan Carnival.
In 2005 twenty-three groups took part in the great Carnival parade in the center of the town. The Parade started at 14:00 and thousands of people came to Rethymnon from all over Crete.
It’s been one century, since a group of people from Rethymno – with optimistic mood and open heart to every pleasant challenge – decides to put some colour to the everyday life of the city, during the Carnival season.
So, in 1914 the first Carnival of Rethymno was organized, bringing the original mark of the intentions of the people of Rethymno. Through the years, these intentions turned into actions that exceeded every time the expectations of their inspirers and finally turned to be an amazing event: the Carnival of Rethymno, a live organism, tending to reverse the natural route of life: the “older” it’s getting the better it is becoming!
This year’s carnival subject is focused on this inversion and invites whoever deeply hopes for better days, whoever sees rainbow colors beyond grey to be part of the large, emotional and fresh Team of the Carnival of Rethymno and share, create, have fun and experience things that nobody wants to miss.
We invite you to create and share this experience, having in our mind and our heart the fact that when people cooperate, every day becomes special and life itself becomes more beautiful. It is as simple as that.

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