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Crete Museums, Archaeology, Mythology and History Of Crete

in Crete

Guide of Antiquities and Museums in Crete - Descriptions - Working Hours - AdmissionHeraklion Archaeological Museum, the most important archaeological museum in Crete housing the major exhibits of Minoan CreteHistorical Museum of Crete is located in Heraklion and it presents valuable historical relics of Crete, from the First Byzantine period (330 AD) to 2nd World WarChania Archaeological Museum, admire finds from West Crete in the Archaeological Museum in ChaniaCrete Maritime Museum in Chaniapresents the maritime history of Crete from antiquity to the Battle of Crete in 1941Rethymnon Historical & Folk Museum is housed in the centre of Rethymnon in a historical building of 17th centuryAgios Nikolaos Archaeological Museum, archaeological treasures from (6000 BC) to 2nd century AD are displayed in the museum of Agios NikolaosSitia Archaeological Museum, a small but important museum in East Crete


Knossos, a detailed tour with a map of Knossos Palace and panoramic photosPhaistos, a detailed tour of the Minoan Palace of Phaistos in south-central Crete.Malia Minoan Palace, a detailed tour in the archaeological site of MaliaZakros Minoan Palace, description of the archaeological site of Kato ZakrosGortys, the archaeological site of Gortys or Gortyn in central CreteIdeon Andron Caveand Dikteon Andron Cave, the most important ancient sacred caves in CreteKommos, the archaeological site of Kommos in south CreteLissos, an ancient city between Paleochora and SougiaPirgos and Fournou Korifi, minoan settlements in the area of MirtosZominthos, a Minoan city revealed near the Ideon CaveFortezza, the Venetian fortress of RethymnonThe Destruction of the Minoan CivilizationMinoan Sites of the Goddess in eastern CreteHerbs for Health and Beauty in Minoan CreteDownload a dictionary of the Linear-B script (in pdf format). Linear B was found initially at Knossos in Crete island and it was deciphered by Michael G. Ventris, in 1952. The dictionary has been created by Mr. Markos Gavalas.

of Crete

CRETE - 8,000 YEARS OF HISTORY (6000 BC - 200x AD)

Venetian Period

The 12 young rulers of Crete

Turkish Period

25th of March, the Independence Day of Greece25th of March Parade, view photos from the parade in HeraklionThe Union of Crete with GreeceThe 1897 revolution in Akrotiri

World War 2

The Battle of CreteBattle of Crete ChronicleGerman army atrocities in CreteThe destruction of AnogiaThe abduction of General KreipeThe Labyrinth in the south of Crete, a monument of Crete destroyed by the German army

of Crete

The birth of Zeus, Zeus was born in a cave in CreteEurope and Zeus, the abduction of Princess Europe by ZeusTheseus and the MinotaurAmalthea, the goat or nymph that suckled the infant ZeusCuretes and Dactyls, the sleepless guardians of ZeusTalos, the bronze giant that protected Crete from its enemiesDaedalus, the greatest inventor of Ancient GreeceIcarus, the myth of IcarusDaedalus in Sicily
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