Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chrissi beaches

Chrissi island or Gaidouronisi is located 8 miles south of Ierapetra city, in the open Libyan Sea. It is a flat islet very famous for its tropical blue water that cover all possible palette hues of blue and green, the protected forest with large juniper trees and the thousands of broken shells that make the sand pinkish. The residents of Ierapetra love this island and call it simply "the Island". It is said that years ago by Gianni Agnelli, the chairman of Ferrari, wanted to buy the island to make it a tourist attraction. Fortunately, the locals rebelled and the island has remained free.
Chrissi takes its name (golden) after the golden sand that covers the entire island and comes from shell debris. The tropical beaches are crowded by many visitors who come by the excursion boats that leave Ierapetra in the morning and return in the afternoon. Chrissi has been declared as an area of natural beauty and it is strictly prohibited to camp and spend your night here. You must keep away from the fragile cedar forest, which has been signed with ropes. Lastly, collecting sand and shells is strictly forbidden.
The boat from Ierapetra reaches the island after 50 min and the harbor is located in the area Vougiou Mati, in the south coast. There is a tavern where you can enjoy your food. Next to it you'll see the South Beach, where you can have a relaxing bath and rent an umbrella. Along the coast there are other bays with sand and stones, which you can discover yourself.
South beach, Chrissi islet, CreteSouth beach
Golden beach (Belegrina), Chrissi islet, CreteGolden beach (Belegrina)
Hatzivolakas beach, Chrissi islet, CreteHatzivolakas
Kataprosopo beach, Chrissi islet, Crete

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