Monday, April 20, 2015

Rethymno, is a beautiful harbour on the north coast of Crete, It has 85,000 inhabitants (2011 inventory) and is adjacent to the prefectures of Hania and Heraklion. The prefecture of Rethymnon covers an area of 1,496 sq. km and It is a picturesque town with traditional as well as modern elements. The old part of the town has maintained an atmosphere that resembles the Venetian period and the Turkish occupation. 

Rethymno is considered by many the most scenic region of Crete, as it boasts an endless variety of natural features, including imposing canyons and gorges, evergreen forests, sparkling rivers and lakes, long, sandy beaches, and high mountains with impressive caves and caverns. There are a lot of villages like Panormo, Plakia, Bali, Argyroupolis, Agia Galini etc. where you can admire the historical monuments, meet the local people and learn about the island’s culture.


Pigianos Kampos beach
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